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The page you're currently looking at is the home page. The home page is a special page, the only one in the site that you can't delete. You can however rename the link that appears in the menu, and replace the content with whatever you wish.

Keep exploring the rest of this site to see what kind of tools and features Nimbo has to offer.

You can also edit this site yourself - just click the floating link to access the editor.

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A world of options

Click the floating edit link to start editing this site yourself. You'll be able to:

Edit the content of this site with our user-friendly drag & drop editor - see here for a preview

Add and reorganise unlimited new pages - and watch the site's menu instantly update to match

See how all the content you add is automatically mobile-friendly - nothing extra to do

Change site settings - upload your own logo, add a header message, or connect your social pages

Experiment with apps - online shop, blog, galleries, site-wide search, custom forms and more

Customise the site appearance - mix and match different colour themes, fonts and layouts, or make your own

Get Editing

Once you've logged in to the demo account, you can change pretty much any aspect of this website - colours, designs, layouts, adding pages, experimenting with app settings. Just remember it will be reset on the half hour every hour. To make changes you can keep, get started with your own free account at

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